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  • Securing Disability Rights

    For Disability Pride Month, we’re listening to people with disabilities to learn about the current state of the Americans with Disabilities Act and what’s still needed to meet their needs.

  • The 19th Represents 2022 Hybrid Summit

    Our third annual 19th Represents Summit focused on the 50th anniversary of Title IX. We looked at the history and impact of this landmark law, celebrated its successes and talked to leaders across many fields about the future work of gender equality.

  • Prioritizing Mental Health

    For Mental Health Awareness Month, The 19th and State of Mind will host practical and frank conversations about the mental health crisis facing the United States.

  • Black Women, Work and Money

    Join The 19th on April 13 for a discussion on how Black women are finding and demanding a new normal in the workplace — while also prioritizing financial security.

  • Gender and Health Outcomes

    To fully explore the impact of gender on health outcomes, The 19th is bringing together doctors, medical experts, elected officials, patients and more for an afternoon of critical conversations.

  • One-on-One with Janet Yellen

    In honor of Women’s History Month, The 19th is sitting down with Janet Yellen, the 78th U.S. Secretary of the Treasury and the first woman to serve in this lead economic role.

  • The State of Reproductive Rights

    Join The 19th for critical conversations on the rapidly changing landscape of reproductive rights around the country, as well as how limited abortion access could impact the health care system more broadly.

  • Confronting the Climate Crisis

    Join The 19th in collaboration with Grist for an important conversation about the urgency of the climate crisis and what you can do about it with Catherine Coleman Flowers, Katharine Hayhoe and more.

  • Building a More Equitable Internet

    Join The 19th for a conversation about what it will take to create a more equitable internet for all, with people who are thinking deeply about how to make it a better and safer place.

  • Gender Equality in the Military

    In honor of Veterans Day join The 19th for conversations with those who serve and lead in the military about the impact of improved policies on gender equality.