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A collage of The 19th's personal imagery and effects for Black History Month.

This Black History Month, The 19th’s coverage will explore the ways that African-American arts show up in Black culture.

Karen Hawkins

Her son died in day care. Ten years later, the system that could’ve saved him is still failing.

In 2014, states were required to begin reporting how many children die, are injured or abused in child care. Some still aren’t. For parents who have lost children, it’s proof that the system isn’t working.

Chabeli Carrazana

Biden is forgiving another $1.2 billion in student loan debt starting today

More than 150,000 borrowers approved for a special benefit in the Saving on a Valuable Education (SAVE) Plan will see their debts automatically discharged.

Nadra Nittle

A new child tax credit could pass this month. Here’s what it would do for low-income families.

About 90 percent of the proposed child tax credit changes are aimed at expanding how much the lowest-income families can receive. But the proposal faces a difficult road to passage.

Chabeli Carrazana

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