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The program provides graduates and mid-career alums of Historically Black Colleges and Universities with full-year, salaried fellowships in reporting, audience engagement, and product and technology.

The 19th Staff

For a new generation of American kids, a woman’s place is on the quarter

The faces of 20 diverse women are joining the founding fathers on American currency. Educators see it as a chance to expand how U.S. history is taught.

Chabeli Carrazana

Florida’s rule against updating gender on driver’s licenses may violate federal law

Democrats in Congress and several legal experts believe that the state’s new policy likely falls out of compliance with the Real ID Act.

Orion Rummler, Kate Sosin

With ‘Cowboy Carter,’ Black country music fans are front and center, at last

Beyoncé’s album is the latest effort in a long fight to disrupt the erasure of history in the genre.

Candice Norwood

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