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A collage of The 19th's personal imagery and effects for Black History Month.

This Black History Month, The 19th’s coverage will explore the ways that African-American arts show up in Black culture.

Karen Hawkins

Trans people in Florida can no longer update their driver’s licenses

In a move that was not prompted by any new law, the rule may expose trans people to criminal or civil penalties if they try to update their documentation.

Orion Rummler
Environment & Climate

These are the climate grannies. They’ll do whatever it takes to protect their grandchildren.

They have the generational wisdom, environmental activism experience, free time — and they’re not afraid of getting arrested.

Jessica Kutz

A new child tax credit could pass this month. Here’s what it would do for low-income families.

About 90 percent of the proposed child tax credit changes are aimed at expanding how much the lowest-income families can receive. But the proposal faces a difficult road to passage.

Chabeli Carrazana

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