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June 15-17, 2022
Join us for this year’s third annual #19thRepresents Summit. The hybrid event, held from June 15-17, will mark fifty years of advances in gender equity in higher education, athletics, the workforce and beyond.

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Illustration of a mother and child holding hands and looking at each other, they are walking down a path and surrounded by tablets, computers and different chords and plugs.

The portal, which will be available until November, is now open for families with children who do not file taxes and who have still not received the child tax credit.

Chabeli Carrazana

What happens if Roe v. Wade is overturned? LGBTQ+ legal experts are worried about civil rights.

Some legal experts say the draft opinion leaves critical civil rights law vulnerable, including precedent that granted Americans the right to same-sex relationships and marriage equality.

Kate Sosin, Orion Rummler

Exclusive: How do people with disabilities feel about abortion? New poll sheds light for the first time

People with disabilities themselves have been largely absent from the public debate on abortion rights — until now.

Sara Luterman

‘This changes everything’: Moms wonder what an end to Roe could mean for their families and future

The 19th reached out to dozens of parents across the country who worry about a looming end to abortion protections and how it could affect their reproductive choices and their children’s futures.

Jennifer Gerson

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