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At a time when newsroom budgets across the United States are shrinking, The 19th is investing in journalism to empower women, women of color and the LGBTQ+ community with the information, resources and community needed to be equal participants in our democracy.

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A photo collage of Amber Briggle and her family.

Amber Briggles’ vocal campaign for trans rights has made her a prime target for harassment. But for her family, the stakes are too high to stay silent.

Kate Sosin


Black people constitute 12.4 percent of the population but only 8.6 percent of people who have started the immunization process.

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A year from the start of the women’s recession, 2 million women are still out of the workforce

About 165,000 women left the workforce in April as the economic recovery sputters. Unemployment rates continue to be higher for women of color. 

Chabeli Carrazana

Biden promised the most diverse administration ever. Here’s how he’s doing.

Seven figures that show the representation — and the gaps — in President Joe Biden’s Cabinet and federal appointments.

Mariel Padilla
Business & Economy

The women’s recession isn’t over — especially for moms

One year since the start of the women’s recession, hundreds of thousands of moms have been forced to leave their jobs — and grapple with the consequences.

Chabeli Carrazana

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