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Ellu Nasser

Double-digit unemployment. Increased hours of child care. Lost hours and benefits. In three months, women lost a decade’s worth of economic advancement. How long will it take to catch back up?


Women hold 77 percent of the jobs that require close personal contact. These jobs account for positions that cannot easily be done remotely, like food service, health care and personal services.

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The truths ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ tells about White people

The 60th anniversary of the American classic coincides with a national reckoning on race. The moment presents an opportunity for Americans to finally read “Mockingbird” for the story it is — not the one too many would like for it to be.


The group behind viral anti-Trump ads wants to win in November. Its hyper-masculine approach isn’t helping

The Lincoln Project’s ads provoke Trump and generate media buzz. But its masculine approach may not appeal to the group of voters most likely to change their mind about backing the president.

Two women stand with anti-racist signs.

Are White women finally waking up?

Amid nationwide protests, White women are reckoning with racism—and their own complicity.

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