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Thursday, Jan. 21 • Noon CT
Join The 19th’s Errin Haines the day after the inauguration to hear from four of the women leading the Biden-Harris communications team.

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A new report says 40 percent of Trump’s judicial appointments are anti-LGBTQ+. Nearly a third of the country’s circuit court judges, all lifetime appointments, are Trump selections.

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Getting women workers the COVID vaccine could pose a complex challenge, experts warn

Barriers such as paid time off, transportation and child care make frontline workers — who are disproportionately women — particularly tough to reach.

Shefali Luthra
Business & Economy

‘It’s never too late’: The entrepreneurial spirit of older women

When asked why they wanted to set up a business later in life, twice as many women than men said they wanted to realize a long-held ambition.

Mariel Padilla
A teacher holding a book in front of the a virtual class.

During the pandemic, teachers’ mental health is suffering in ways they’ve never experienced

The burden is most acute for teachers who are mothers, and steering both their students and their own children through online learning.

Shefali Luthra

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