It already feels cliche to say, but 2020 — what a year. For so many, it’s been filled with grief, pain and unexpected hardship. But as with all extended stretches of time, there are some glimmers of good shining through the gloom. 

For The 19th, 2020 will always be tied in that Gordian knot of complex human emotion. This is the year we launched, the year we built the news organization we wanted to see. This was also the year we endured a novel coronavirus that completely changed the lives of each of us, our loved ones and the communities we cover.

This year also saw a racial reckoning more intense than any, arguably, since the civil rights era.The 19th, as nascent as we are, took on the responsibility of reporting on all of these issues.

Here are some of our most-read stories since we launched in August:

As a new year approaches, we are hopeful for what 2021 will bring. As an organization, we will continue to grow, hiring more reporters and editors to cover other issues important to you. We’ll report on a post-COVID world (hopefully), a new administration, the burgeoning bipartisan coalitions in state and local government, the race for 2022 (it’s never too early), and so much more. 

We also hope that our readers will continue to share our stories, and more importantly, tell us what issues they are looking for us to cover. If ever there was a lesson that priorities can shift within the course of day, we learned that over the past 12 months. So, as we look ahead, it may be cliche already to say, but 2021 — what a year it will be.