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Kamala Harris enters fast-tracked presidential campaign

President Joe Biden stepped aside on Sunday, paving the way for Vice President Kamala Harris to replace him at the top of the Democratic Party’s ticket.

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Greyed out map with text that reads

The Supreme Court has overturned Roe v. Wade. This dashboard provides updates on the current status of abortion rights in each state.


The Amendment: The Truth Behind Project 2025 with Rachel Leingang

In this episode of The Amendment, Rachel Leingang from The Guardian walks us through Project 2025 and how it’s “the meat on the bones” for conservative causes nationwide.

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The states where abortion could be on the ballot in 2024

Here’s an overview of where abortion will — and could be — directly on the ballot in 2024, how many signatures organizers need to collect and the challenges advocates are facing in the states.

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Election 2024

The 19th is committed to covering the unfinished business of voting rights

Here are our plans in this pivotal election as part of our participation in the Advancing Democracy Fellowship.

Barbara Rodriguez

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