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May 15, 2024
On May 15 in Washington, D.C., The 19th News will host a series of conversations about the crucial role of women and LGBTQ+ people in our democracy — and what’s preventing them from full participation.

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The program provides graduates and mid-career alums of Historically Black Colleges and Universities with full-year, salaried fellowships in reporting, audience engagement, and product and technology.

The 19th Staff
Election 2024

The Squad’s Summer Lee believes all politics are local, from Israel to infrastructure

The framing by Lee’s opponents of her role as a first-term progressive member of Congress from Pittsburgh is at odds with her primary campaign touting President Joe Biden’s infrastructure package.

Amanda Becker

‘We’re the lockdown generation’: 25 years after Columbine, the gun safety crisis remains

Natalie Fall, executive director of March for Our Lives, said that school shootings have mobilized a generation of young people to take political action.

Nadra Nittle
Election 2024

Trump’s trial is already putting a spotlight on threats to women

Jury selection is complete in Trump’s trial over business records, an alleged affair and the 2016 election. The opening week highlighted the impact of his attacks.

Barbara Rodriguez

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