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The 19th is excited to announce its second cohort of fellows to the groundbreaking Frances Ellen Watkins Harper Fellowship, which seeks to create a meaningful pipeline for those historically excluded from U.S. newsrooms still woefully lacking in diversity.

The 19th Staff

Hispanic Heritage Month celebrates those who paved the way — and the generations to come

The 19th’s Latinx staff want to take this month to pause and highlight the family, community members and advocates who have contributed to our people’s identity and prosperity in both big and small ways.

The 19th Staff

Top Democratic firm SKDK linked to both sides of #MeToo scandal

SKDK says it made an ‘error’ when Anita Dunn and her firm advised an Illinois House speaker while also providing support for the woman who accused one of his aides of sexual harassment.

Amanda Becker

The Summer of the Black Woman

The renaissance wasn’t just a concert tour. 

Errin Haines

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