The 19th’s Shefali Luthra recently reported that fewer than 1 in 4 pregnant people have gotten a COVID shot and getting this group vaccinated is currently one of the nation’s biggest health challenges. 

It’s not yet clear if the government’s steps to encourage vaccination will move the needle, but Ashley Henriquez, who was newly pregnant when the coronavirus vaccines first became available in her home state of Florida, suggested a possible solution.

“I don’t feel like we have a lot of resources or individual cases from pregnant women who are speaking up,” she told Luthra. “We need actual pregnant women saying, ‘This was my experience. I’ve gone through it. Everything was OK.’”

The 19th’s CEO Emily Ramshaw mentioned Henriquez’s quote in a tweet, prompting dozens of responses and inspiring our 19th readers who have received the COVID-19 vaccine while pregnant to share their experiences with us.

Some of those responses are below. You can read more stories or contribute your own on Twitter.

‘So happy to pass on antibodies to the little one’

‘Best decision I made’

‘No preeclampsia this time’

‘Happy and healthy’

‘We are both fine’

‘I have felt huge relief’

‘Kiddo is perfect’

‘I got great feedback from a lot of moms’

‘Love having the peace of mind’

‘Hoping to get a booster soon’