The global pandemic is keeping many kids home from school, forcing many women out of the workplace, and exposing — and worsening — massive disparities in educational advancement and opportunity. We want to hear from you about how you’re navigating this moment. 

Last month, about 865,000 women left the workforce. When the fall semester began, many parents had to make arrangements for children participating in virtual or hybrid learning. In August, the Department of Labor issued new guidelines that said parents whose children have access to in-person learning are no longer eligible for paid leave. 

How are you balancing schooling, child care, work and parenting in a pandemic? We want to elevate your voice. Share your story with our 19th community by filling out the form below. We’d love it if you included a quick video testimonial describing what it’s been like parenting in a pandemic. A select few readers will be featured in our upcoming virtual summit, The 19th Represents: Public Ed in the Pandemic.